Tingloy Island



The title “Tingloy” was, according to legend, derived from a plant of almost the same name, “ting hoy”, which is no longer seen in abundance on the island.

They arrived in family groups and locating the place a haven, settled down in definite areas later forming the various barrios currently comprising the created political subdivision. It is said that the prior barrio of Tingloy was set by Jose Martinez, a Taaleño.Sometimes the island was placed under the jurisdiction of different cities.

The island was originally a part of the city of San Luis. In 1917, it had been placed under the authority of Bauan, just to be separated from it a year later when the municipality of Mabini was formed. Back in 1921, it was again placed under the authority of Bauan.

During the Spanish regime, people were educated at home learning to read the “Castilla” and the “Caton” “Christiana”. During the American occupation, schools were created. Irene Martinez with Flaviano Gambia pioneered a movement to get a model schoolhouse to the prior barrio of Tingloy.

This movement has been becoming a victory when a version schoolhouse was constructed in the present Poblacion of the Municipality of Tingloy sometime in 1921.Throughout the 2nd Regular Session of the Third Congress of the Republic of the Philippines, the barrios of Tingloy, Maricaban, Payapa, Pisa, Game, and also Talahib were separated by the Municipality of Bauan and constituted to the newly established municipality of Tingloy.

Tingloy is a municipality in the province of Batangas in the Calabarzon Region of the Philippines. The population was 17,919 in the 2015 census. In the 2016 electoral roll, it had 11,079 enrolled voters.


According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the municipality has a land area of 33.07 square kilometers (12.77 sq mi) [two] constituting 1.06\% of the 3,119.75-square-kilometre- (1,204.54 sq mi) overall area of Batangas.


Only off the southwest coast of the Batangas mainland, about two nautical miles (3.7 kilometers) south, lies the radish-shaped island of Maricaban. It’s a land area of about 14 square miles (36 square feet) of rocky slopes and craggy mountains with occasional lowland plains and valleys.

Tingloy is located at 13°39′N 120°52′E.

Masasa Beach (Barangay San Juan) is among the most visited beaches of this place and is well known for its white sand and beautiful sunset.


Secluded Sanctuary

The island can be hit through a medium size boat or bank that can be hired through a middle man who’ll approach your group. Batarang-Bato (Pulang Buli) is a Fish Sanctuary involving Barangay Santo Tomas and Barangay Talahib. For research diving and snorkeling, permission is needed from the BBMC along with the barangay councils of Santo Tomas and Talahib. Caban Island can also be believed to be one of the tourist places due to its own white sand and scattered beaches surrounding the island. Diving is a significant attraction because of different dive spots situated in the area.


Masasa Beach is arguably the best beach in Tingloy, the only municipality in Batangas which is not in mainland Luzon. Its main island would be your fish-shaped Maricaban, from the tip of Calumpang Peninsula separating Balayan Bay from Batangas Bay.

The reality is, the sand is not as pearly white as what you’d expect in Boracay or even Palawan, however, what Masasa Beach lacks at the brightness of its sand it makes up for at the vibrancy of waves. Its crystal clear, shallow waters give off a gorgeous turquoise shimmer, something which will capture your attention from a good distance.


Mag-A sawing Bato is one of the 2 peaks of the island and this is the most visited summit by mountaineers and nature fans, by which a 360° view of the whole island could be observed.Isla Sombrero (Sombrero Island) is a small uninhabited island located at the southern tip of Maricaban. It can be reached via a medium-sized motor-boat or even bank, and is one of the most visited beach attractions at the island.

Sombrero Island is located in the southern point of Tingloy Island in the province of Batangas. Sombrero Island is a miniature island paradise inhabited by no one. It serves as a side trip for most tourist diving into the world renowned Anilao Marine Sanctuaries and for those whose climbing Mt. Gulugod Baboy.

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